When painting, make your own rules. Once established, break them. Substitute painting for anything creative. Champion your contradictions. Glorify the flaws. Create systems. Think in braids. Weave webs and animate your stages. Rigidity works as the backdrop for expression. 

As the creator, learn to observe your creation. Before modifying, let your creation exist as it is. Preserve a copy. Overwork and watch the essence change. Revisit the work when it has become as foreign to you, as when you made it. Chart out your territories. Look for dragons. Plant family trees. Uncover your work like you're discovering yourself, because you really are. When you talk in your dreams, remember what you say.  Then actualize the ineffable. At the alter of your easel, breathe life into absence and spiritualize emptiness with essence.

Judgement while in the mode of creation may not belong. Criticality may counter flow. Silence your thoughts and voices. Become a force of nature. Be guided by your inner impulse. Respond to your ability. Pull from your imagination. Exercise your predilections. Question them only to answer with new ones. Push the limits of your medium at your scale. Limit your palette and grow your mastery. React to externality. Use your hands seismically. Perhaps your proverbial line travels off the paper and the desk becomes a part of the composition. You are the opportunity for the Universe to express itself. Tap into everything and transfigure your truth. You are the filter to funnel the vast expanse, and you will convert it into some kind of supreme, creative order. Aging, growth, editing, simplicity, chaos, brevity.  Document your expression of the moment, or wherever you find your mind. This is your responsibility.

Don't overlook the importance and usefulness of numbers and patterns when creating. Perhaps the analysis of your work in this context could lead to seeing a trend once hidden. Make your own theories. Use archetypes. Earnestly use arbitrage and seek to understand it better until it's no longer arbitrage.

Your hands dance in the medium of your choosing. You create your own medicine man. He appears on the canvas, screen, page, or frequency. You dial him in, and he begins to create for you, and you observe. Setting your intentions clear I believe you can hear more. Learn to think in different dimensions. Let that be open ended enough for you to interpret however you would like. Continue to reconsider, and preserve a copy of each perspective.